Car Key Replacement


You are about to ride your car. You reach for your pocket to get your car key, but they are not there.


If you can’t remember where you put car keys, you have Locksmith Key to call at (866) 873-0686.


Losing your car keys can definitely stress you out, especially if you have an urgent appointment to go to or an emergency situation to handle.


It’s great that you have people you can count on in times like this. You have our techs at  Locksmith Key!



Call us whatever time of the day or night it is, and we will provide fast and reliable car key services according to your needs and budget!


Our representatives will be very glad to discuss with you the kind of car key replacement service we always provide – fast and affordable!


All you need to do is call us. We will be there in 15 minutes or even less to make you your new car keys, on the spot!


Car Key Duplication


Our experienced car locksmiths can replace all kinds of car keys, whatever make or model your car is.


There’s really no reason for you to look for different locksmith companies if you have different kinds of cars.


Our auto techs spread all over the country have the right tools to make your car keys for you while you wait.


All our locksmiths are highly competent and insured, so they always give you the best results. Plus, we offer a 90-day guarantee for free!


Car Door Lock Repair

If you have a problem that prevents you from locking or unlocking your car doors properly, you better contact us about it, as soon as possible.


Most probably, you will be able to get your car door lock fixed by one of our mobile technicians in no time!


Don’t settle for another locksmith company. Dial (866) 873-0686 today for the quickest and most efficient locksmith service!