Car Lock Out

Locked your car?
Locksmith Key can dispatch an auto locksmith immediately 24/7. All the car lockout calls we accept are treated as emergency calls. We’ll get to you in 20 minutes!


House Lock Out

Can’t find your home key? Call Locksmith Key at (866) 873-0686 for a 10% discount!
Professional treatment costs much less than amateur lock out attempts. Our locksmith will save you both time and money!



Did your roommate leave and did not return the key to your apartment?
You can turn to Locksmith Key.
Rekeying your locks is a safety move that you really should do as soon as possible.


Car Keys Replace

You are about to ride your car. You reach for your pocket to get your car key, but they are not there.
Locksmith Key can help you with this problem with our car key replacement service.